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W I L L I A M   S.   H A R T   M U S E U M

William S. Hart Museum

William S. Hart Museum - Newhall, California
This location was investigated and documented by former G.H.G. member Patte.

The Location

William S. Hart (1870-1946).

In 1921 William S. Hart, the famous silent movie star, purchased a ranch house and its surrounding property. He built a twenty-two room mansion which he filled with his collections of Western art, Native American artifacts and early Hollywood memorabilia.

Sitting majestically atop a hill in the Santa Clarita Valley is his former residence, now known as the William S. Hart Ranch and Museum.

The Investigation

It was a hot July day when I starting walking up the hill to take a tour of this local famous home; upon arriving at the mansion's doorstep, I had to admit that I was not all that impressed with the Spanish style stucco architecture. I guess I was hoping for more opulence along the lines of William Randolph Hearst's "castle".

Once inside, I was greeted by my tour guide who informed me that I could take all the pictures I wanted; however, no flash was to be used because of all the artwork housed within the building's walls. Having cancelled the flash on my camera, I started to take pictures and noticed that my camera was having trouble focusing when trying to take pictures. This puzzled me, as there appeared to be enough natural light coming through the windows that my camera shouldn't be struggling to take a focused picture.

A dining hall fit for a cowboy.

As I toured the home, I had a sense of history and that William Hart loved this house. Everywhere you looked, there we all different kinds of Native American artifacts on display.

As we approached the bedroom of the sister of William Hart, I began to take a picture and knew that I had captured something. I took two more pictures after that even though my camera was still acting "wanky". Excited now, I still continued on the tour, hoping to further capture something on my camera. I did have a sense that something was going on paranormally. That day, I couldn't help but think that there was a presence here with me.

Picture after picture frustrated me as my camera had trouble focusing on each and every room. Yet I still managed to take some pictures. I really wanted to take my time in each room, absorbing the energy and wanting to sit awhile and do an EVP session. Sadly though, the tour does not allow one to linger as they rush you along. Still, the tour was interesting and the Native American treasures and Western Artwork are well worth the visit.


I definitely came away from this house with a sense of something or someone lingering within the beautiful walls of this home. Could William S. Hart still be here, loving his home in death as he did in life? Does William's sister still reside in her room, still complete with her wheel chair? I would like to think so.

This was taken in one of the bedrooms. Notice the energy worm on the wall.         This photo was taken as I was standing down the hall from William Hart's sister's bedroom. No flash was used. If you study the picture, it appears to be a Native American with his head turned to the left and his arms upstretched.         Even though my camera was "acting up", this picture of the staircase by the kitchen seems to exhibit some kind fog/mist.

The following week after this initial tour, I again took a tour to see if I could capture anything on my camera. Alas! Nothing. However, my camera performed beautifully that day and all pictures taken were in focus.



The William S. Hart Museum and Ranch is located at 24151 Newhall Avenue in Newhall, California. For information regarding tours of the house, call (661) 254-4584.

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